This Cape Town practice was started in 1988.  The built work undertaken since inception and earlier covers a wide range of design types of varied scale and complexity, ranging from incisive interventions using modest materials to large scale strategic planning and multi-storey developments.  General design, documentation and project administration skills and early experience with luxury homes have been applied to an extensive range of projects.




All projects follow a similar sequence as set out below, collapsed or expanded as necessary to suit the project.  This sequence usually works from ‘general’ to ‘specific’ and is clearly defined to help avoid abortive work and to clarify the progression of the project.

1    Strategic Definition

2    Concept Design

3    Design Development

Initial appraisal and assessment of the context, planning legislation and objectives to understand and fully inform the specific development potential and feasibility studies; work includes identifying and clarifying the client’s project requirements and objectives, programme and strategy.


Prepare concept design which addresses the project requirements.

Prepare sustainability, maintenance, operational, construction and handover strategy; documentation for preliminary cost information.

Prepare developed design. Review and update all documentation as necessary.


4    Technical Documentation

5     Construction

6    Handover and Close Out

Prepare technical design and where appropriate energy modelling studies for Statutory Approvals.

Prepare technical documentation for tender and construction as may be appropriate.

Administer the building contract, including regular site inspections, review the progress and certify payments.

Co-ordinate consultants, health and safety strategy, and administer any special client requirements.

Administer the various requirements for Practical Completion and Handover and certify the Practical Completion and Completion processes.


Handover of building and conclusion of the building contract.




Environment & Sustainability


Fresh thinking is applied to each project with the focus on properly understanding and thoroughly researching the brief, on developing context specific design solutions which work and on “adding value by design”.

Issues of sustainability and energy efficiency are applied to all projects.

We work closely with our clients and endeavour to hear, understand, develop and fully address the underlying brief for each project with due consideration for programme, budget and all statutory and town planning constraints and opportunities.

We advocate for environments which reflect and support the richness of South African life and contribute positively to the economic and social transformation of society.


Issues of sustainability and energy efficiency are applied to all projects.


We strive to apply Constructive Conservation principles.


The practice has undertaken specialist archival research, heritage and restoration work, including various projects on Robben Island, the World Heritage Site,  and has specific experience in the recycling or ‘repurposing’ of buildings.


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